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Cotta Tree Service serving the towns of Darien, CT; New Canaan, CT; Stamford, CT and Norwalk, CT since 1929.

A Full Service Tree Company

Mike Cotta of Cotta Tree Services
Mike Cotta of Cotta Tree Experts

 Mike Cotta, President of Cotta Tree Service, holds a degree in arboriculture from the University of Massachusetts.  Mike has followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and has been a tree worker since 1977, at first working under his father’s supervision.  Now Mike has been a licensed arborist since 1987.  

Cotta Tree Experts have licensed arborists in charge, and have the necessary insurance certifications for their workers.  While having an arborist’s license and insurance certificate allows you to legally service trees in Connecticut, Cotta Tree feels that is not enough to perform proper tree care.  We take pride in the fact that several professional tree care associations have accepted us as full members.  

 The Town of Darien is very concerned about the safety and attractiveness of their trees, and as a result of a thorough and competitive evaluation chose our President, Michael (Mike) Cotta to be Darien’s Tree Warden.     

Cotta Tree Experts is affiliated with or a registered member of the following organizations.        

  • Tree Wardens Association of Connecticut
  • Connecticut Tree Protective Association

  • International Society of Arboriculture

  • TCIA Tree Care Industry Association

Cotta Tree Service is fully insured, and we only hire citizens of the USA or legal immigrants.  We pay our employees a competitive wage, and supply them with health insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.

Cotta Tree Service holds the following licenses:

  • Connecticut Arborist License: 62360
  • State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Commercial Pesticide Business Registration No. 0752

The History of Cotta Tree Experts

Cotta Tree Experts was established in 1928 just before the stock market crash and the start of the great depression by William James Cotta, Senior.  

One of the original Tree Surgeons of the New York Metropolitan area, Mr. Cotta arrived in the area with an agricultural background in farming from the South East Coast of Rhode Island.  His career in tree surgery began with the F. A. Bartlett Tree Company of Stamford, Connecticut.  William trained as a Dendrican (the modern title for this job is Arborist).  He later became a very successful Bartlett Salesmen who was responsible for the Darien area.  

With an entrepreneurial spirit, one truck and using his wife's dowry as operating capital, he founded the Cotta Tree Company, offering residential tree care to Darien and the surrounding area. In the 1930's the Cotta Tree Company also provided local utility line clearance and municipal tree care for the town of Darien, CT. The Cotta marriage produced four sons, three of whom were actively involved in the family business. The company operated as a sole proprietorship until 1960 when William “passed the torch” to his sons and restructured the Cotta Tree Company into a Corporation owned by William’s sons. The Company is now in its third generation of owners, with Michael Cotta, the oldest son of William’s oldest son, as President.  

Cotta tree has had some unusual requests over the 80-odd years it’s been in business.  The producers of the original “Stepford Wives” had Cotta Tree hang swings and beautify the property where they shot the movie.  An advertising agency used some of Cotta Tree’s equipment in their photographs.  And every so often, Cotta Tree Services would be called on to rescue a kitten or hang a child’s swing.  

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