Emergency Storm Services

Cotta Tree Services believes that the best way to avoid a tree emergency is to proactively evaluate your property and remove the hazardous trees.  Please see our Landscape Consultation and Diagnostics page for more information on how to properly evaluate your trees.  

Tree emergency:  tree fell on house   
Storm Damage Causes a Tree Emergency
Unfortunately, no matter how much preventative work you do, severe storms, Lightning, Hurricanes, Northeasters, Tornadoes (yes, we do get them in Connecticut, but they are rare), ice storms and microbursts can damage even the healthiest tree.  And some trees may have internal flaws that are not apparent, just as some athletes have hidden heart problems.  

Removing hazardous trees or limbs is dangerous work in the best weather, as is removing a fallen tree or limb from the roof of a garage, house or car.  There are many hazards that people who are not tree experts just don’t think about.  Additionally, gauging the fall of a tree or limb is tricky in calm weather;  it requires a trained expert in to safely remove hazardous limbs in winter winds and storms.  
tree removed from roof of house
Cotta Tree Experts Solve Tree Emergency

If you need to remove a tree or limb from the roof of your house or car, or even just get your driveway cleared of fallen obstacles, call Cotta Tree’s emergency response team.  Our expertise could very well save your life.




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