Insect and Disease Control

Cotta Tree Experts can diagnose problems with your trees and treat them. In addition to insect infestations your trees may catch a tree disease, like a  fungi or one caused by virus or bacteria. 

Insect infestations and disease are problems that will harm your trees. They also may be symptoms that your tree is not healthy to start with. While it’s important to rid the tree of insects and disease, it is also important to remediate any underlying problem.

Sufficient water and light and a proper balance of nutrients are important to your plants health. Too much or too little of any of these may cause stress, which weakens your trees and makes them more susceptible to insect and disease attack. On the other hand, a healthy tree will more easily fight off disease.

Trees have evolved to deal with these stresses (e.g. shading and competition for water and nutrients) by adjusting their growth and development patterns to use the available resources. Many times the stresses trees experience in a landscaped yard are more than they can handle and these stresses can make them more susceptible to insects and diseases.

Trees can be infected by various fungi, viruses, and bacteria. However, other disorders, which account for 70 to 90 percent of all plant problems in urban areas, can be caused by such factors as insufficient or excessive fertilization, temperature extremes, pollutants, and over- or under-watering. These other disorders often produce symptoms similar to those caused by infectious diseases. Our licensed arborists can distinguish between the two in order to give proper treatment.

Insects can kill or otherwise harm trees by eating their leaves or sucking their sap. Insects also interfere with sap flow and weaken the branch structure when they bore into the trunk and branches. However, the larger problem is that insects may also carry some plant diseases. In many cases, these diseases do much more damage to the tree than the insects themselves. However most insects are harmless to trees and many are beneficial. Some will pollinate the trees, others may prey on insect species that are harmful to the trees.

Cotta Tree’s licensed arborists can diagnose the “root cause” of any problem your trees have, and can recommend and implement a treatment program. Please, call us before a small problem becomes a major expense.


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