Landscape Consultation and Diagnostics

You can consult with Cotta Tree Expert's trained arborists to develop a plan to care for the trees on your property, and to learn how to check for problems with your trees so you can address them before they become expensive.

Cotta Tree Services recommends that you evaluate your property and periodically check the health of your trees.  If you’re like most people, you periodically send your children for an annual physical exam, and have your automobile tuned periodically.  You may even have your home’s heating and air conditioning systems serviced annually, and have your home painted from time-to-time.  But have you ever had a licensed arborist examine your trees?  Your trees can fall or drop limbs at the most inopportune moments.  This can result in property damage and even in personal injury.

While it’s rare for a tree to fall and kill a person directly, it does happen.  Falling trees have even killed people who were driving their automobiles.  More commonly, people’s houses, garages, outbuildings, cars, fences and other property are damaged by falling trees and limbs.  And homeowners are occasionally injured while trying to remove these fallen trees, especially in inclement weather.

While you can evaluate your trees yourself, you first have to know what to look for.  You also have to dedicate some time to examining your trees—its not enough to have a glass of wine on the deck, look at your yard, and say “it looks good from here”.  You need to examine each tree and evaluate its health.  And you have to be aware of any new pests or diseases that enter our state.  (link to pest and disease section).

Call us to make an appointment for our tree experts to give your trees an examination.  We’ll examine your trees, check for infections and insect infestations, rot and weak limbs, and other conditions that require attention.  We’ll show you what to look for so you can check your trees yourself (we recommend that you do this at least every three months.)  And we can advise you on the proper course of action to remediate any issues found.

Planting New Trees—Exterior Decorating

If you would like to plant a new tree, Cotta Tree experts will work with you to evaluate your existing trees and recommend the type of tree that best fits your environment.  Many of our customers are not aware of all the phases of the tree’s life, and we can help you select a tree that fits your living space.  Some of the things to consider are the color of the leaves in fall, the color and type of flowers, and when they bloom, the height of the tree and shape and size of its canopy.  This becomes more complex because you have to evaluate all the existing trees to see how the new tree will fit in.  While an individual tree may be beautiful itself, it may not fit in your yard.  Imagine a modern end table in a living room full of colonial furniture.  The table may be a work of art, but it just doesn’t go with the rest of the furniture.  Cotta Tree Service’s experts can help you select the right tree for your yard.

Placement of the new tree also makes a difference.  Just as an end table would look out of place in the middle of the room, a tree may be placed incorrectly.   Our licensed arborists will advise you on the best place to plant your new tree,  sometimes a difference of a few feet can make all the difference.


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