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Cotta Tree Service Pruning Tree that is not easily accessible

Tree Pruning

Cotta Tree Service’s tree surgeons are licensed arborists who recommend that you regularly prune your trees to improve their health, improve the quality of your life by giving you a prettier place to live, and to add value to your property by increasing its “curb appeal”.

Pruning your trees makes them healthier. First, our tree surgeons will remove diseased or insect-infested wood. This keeps the disease and insects away from the healthy part of the tree. The arborists may then thin the crown of the tree to increase airflow which will reduce excess moisture that helps mold and fungus grow. The tree surgeons will then thin branches that grow to closely to so that they don’t rub together and cause breaks in the bark that allow disease into the tree (much like a cut or scrape in your skin is an avenue for disease to enter).

Pruning a tree in Darien CT
Cotta Tree Service Pruning Tree -- using "bucket truck" is faster, but requires trees to be accessible
Our tree surgeons will also prune your trees to encourage them to develop a strong structure and reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Clearly, its better to have the tree surgeon remove dead and rotting wood (and wood that will die from disease or insect activity) when its convenient and the area can be secured, rather than have those limbs come down when children are playing under them or your boss’s car is parked under them.

Sometimes, branches grow with structural defects. In this case, our tree surgeons will recommend removing an otherwise healthy branch because it may not be able to support a heavy load of snow and ice. Our licensed arborists believe that its best to remove these limbs early in the tree’s life so that your tree can grow a new, stronger branch.

Pruning can also be done for aesthetics to enhance the natural form and character of your trees. Each species of tree has its ideal shape, and pruning helps the tree grow into this shape. Also, pruning can stimulate the growth of flowers on flowering trees.

Cotta Tree Service has been providing high-quality, expert tree pruning since 1929. Our pruning, provided by trained experts, improves the health and appearance of your trees and prolongs their life.

If you prune your own trees

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