Tree Removal

Tree removal is a necessary part of managing your landscape. At some point, a tree will not be able to be healed. This tree is a liability and must be removed before it becomes a hazard. The bright side of removing a tree is that it provides you with an opportunity to plant a vigorous young tree.

Profesional wood chipper
Removing trees and branches by chipping them
Sometimes trees grow too closely together, and must be thinned so the remaining trees can grow healthy. And sometimes trees grow too large and may be a hazard to surrounding buildings and must be removed before damage is done. Cotta Tree Service’s licensed arborists can help you determine when a tree is hazardous, and our tree surgeons can remove the hazardous trees.

Heavy duty wood chipper
Cotta Tree Experts' heavy duty chipper can handle large logs and branches
Tree removal is often fraught with hazards. If the tree is dying, it may be hazardous to the people who cut it down because the tree is not structurally sound and parts of the tree may fall unexpectedly and injure someone. Cotta Tree Service’s licensed arborists have the training and experience to know how to remove these dangerous trees in a safe and expedient manner.
If trees grow too closely together, you need a tree expert to remove the unwanted trees without damaging the existing trees. Often, the limbs of several trees will intertwine, and simply cutting down a tree will break limbs off of its neighbors. Cotta Tree’s expert arborists can remove a tree without damaging the neighboring trees. Similarly, Cotta Tree Services licensed arborists can remove trees that grow too closely to your house, garage, pool, or other structures.

Perhaps the most dangerous situation is when a tree is growing near a power line. This requires the utmost care so that no one is injured when the tree is cut down, and the power line is unharmed.

If you need to cut down a tree, please call Cotta Tree Services.   Our tree surgeons are trained professionals who can safely remove the tree and not damage the power lines or nearby buildings.


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